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     Financial advisory business in Thailand is changing from selling internal products to Open Architecture platform. The change seem to make a big move to overall financial advisory services, however, there is no standard on the Mutual Fund Trading platform. This make open architecture in mutual fund business close to impossible. And this is where beFIN Co., Ltd begins…

     beFIN is not only a software provider, but we are the solution for existing and new-comer in mutual fund advisory business simply start the business under the concept of “begin FINance”. The front liners are able to focusing on providing investment strategy and asset allocation strategy to clients, and worry free on the back-end system. Yes, beFIN will handle your back office.

A group of people who found beFIN including the group of people who are on the ground of mutual fund business and a long record of experience on Mutual Fund Business in Thailand. Such as, CEO/CIO of local asset management, fund managers, high net worth relationship manager and strategist. We are forming by trustworthy group of people who are having passion to drive Financial Advisory Services to be a better place.

1) On the ground people are in charged on the platform. Know-how and knowledge will be implemented.

2) Modern architect application with ability to connect with existing and new platform.

3) Don’t worry about your back, we got it. High performance operation team is handling your back office.